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Sweet Liberty! Gluten free snack recipes!

Sweet Liberty! Gluten free snack recipes!

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Chocolate peanut butter Sweets for the gluten free & diabetic friendly!  Kid tested mom approved! Part of profits goes to help kids Escape sex trafficking —operation Underground Railroad!! Sweet, simple, satisfying!  


After 30 days of using Sweet Liberty! To make healthier recipes (and you’re not eating junk food) If you don’t FEEL HAPPIER, & have less body pain & less brain fog and MORE ENERGY, I’m Worth It Inc. will give you a 100% refund! That means you keep the book and I lose $1. (There’s a fee every time I sell it in my Shopify. You’re worth it!)

I only ask 3 things 

  1. DO NOT tell anybody--come to me and tell me specifically why you’re unhappy and why  you think my recipe book didn’t help your health--I really care and want you to be happier and healthier! You’re worth it! (if you talk to me, I can make the book better so I can help more people and also help you one on one in a better way.)
  2. Send me your original email that bought the book with a screenshot of your receipt.
  3. PLEASE KEEP EATING HEALTHY And practicing meditation, moving your body daily with a walk, run, etc, practice good sleep hygiene, take care of your mental health and KEEP GROWING! You’re worth it and your family needs you!

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