about I'm Worth It Inc.!

My Mission--Creating entertaining content with my music, movies, short videos and teaching YOU the mindset behind creating without fear of bullying, judgment or not having enough money to do it full time without a job or depending on another person to give you money! (Then they control you.) 

Community! That’s what I’m all about. That’s a HUGE part of success in life---if you don’t feel supported (by the RIGHT people) you are likely to go back to the OLD people who are “comfortable” only because you know them, yet they are a) toxic b) don’t give a CRAP about what you’re doing c) know NOTHING about what you’re doing and CANNOT support your growth

I LIBERATE you of your frustration. I refund your valuable mental, emotional & financial resources to spend them on what you WANT MOST! The people you love and CREATING the things you love! 

Here on Shopify, you can support my business and help me create more amazing mindset content via my youtube channel, my podcast, and my music and short films. 

When you purchase from my Shopify store, it’s because you have known me for a little while from TikTok, YouTube, or you have found me on iTunes or Spotify with my music. 

We already have a relationship, and I want to make out relationship stronger! I want YOU to wear your worth, and remind yourself all day every day that you ARE strong, smart and capable of creating the life you love---WITHOUT the opinions or money of other people! AND WITHOUT a job! You probably have the job right now--so that’s how you’re able to buy my products and services, so thank you! I can show you the way out of the matrix of the job and wanting to please your parents, your peers or random jerks on the internet. You’re worth it! 

CRAZY love and Gratitude, Liberty V Justice (CEO I’m Worth It Inc.)

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