Weaponized Wednesday: “If it costs your peace of mind, it’s too expensive”

June 1, 2022 This is a 10 min episode! If you love it (I KNOW you will!) subscribe and SHARE IT WITH A FRIEND! APPRECIATE YOU!

This is more ammo for your arsenal. This is your mental armor in the war to freedom. 

Welcome LEGENDS! My name is Liberty V Justice and there’s no period in my “V” because my victories never end and I’m here to help you get YOUR victories, Legends! You’re worth it!

No more poverty’s prisoners. Not all financially poor people are poor. And not all financially poor people are prisoners that try to verbally assault others. 

They try to steal your peace. But nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent. Elanor Roosevelt said that. So did my grandma! 

Key Points from today’s show:

  1. You choose your own feelings 
  2. You can change the people you hang around and you can limit your time with others 
  3. You can be away from them even when you are with them 

  4. You are ACCEPTING less than what you deserve 

When you know your worth you won’t give discounts

 The more you love yourself, the less nonsense you will tolerate

  5: The opposite of love isn’t hate, it’s indifference

Toxic isn’t just negative and it doesn’t just mean bullies or abusive people, it’s also people who don’t give a damn about your health and your goals. They won’t tell you the truth and call you on your shit, so that shows indifference


Gluten Free Chicken Alfredo with Zucchini Noodles

Gluten Free Chicken Alfredo!


Makes 4 servings

Prep time: (shopping time not included) 10 mins

Cook TIme: 30 mins

Total TIme: 45 mins

http://$10 free groceries & FREE delivery (1 month) BUY INGREDIENTS ON INSTACART


2 eggs

A bunch of broccoli

A bunch of shiitake mushrooms

¼ cup ian’s gluten free bread crumbs

½ pound chicken

½ package zucchini noodles

1 pack dry alfredo mix


Almond milk

Parmesan and romano cheese

Watch 4 min video on how to bake this recipe: https://youtu.be/BAseaiSmmd0


Bread chicken

Cook on top stove

Saute zucchini noodles

Boil mushrooms & broccoli

Whisk alfredo

Put everything in pan and bake 30 minutes (or what time your oven cooks)


“Live the way NOW, MOST are unwilling to, so later, YOU can live the way MOST are UNABLE to!”               Dave Ramsey–and LVJ–I WILL HAVE MY PRIVATE JET! I HAVE done the suffering & sacrificing so YOU can see how it’s done! You’re worth it! 

I built over 100k on TikTok during Covid19 while sleeping on the concrete in Rancho Cucamonga, Ca (suburb of LA) 

I wrote this song shortly after I got my first place indoors. It was unresolved anger from what had happened during covid lockdown

Now that I got it off my chest, I can rest more easily. Y’ALL GON FEEL ME!

I felt alone, outcast, unwanted. I felt like a walking target. I felt like a criminal. I felt like a terrorist. Why am I THE ONE that is wrong? Sneaking around trying to make great video content for YouTube & TikTok, making my music, talking to fans, and my live streams. All while trying to get away from the ungrateful people on the clock who got paid to stare, try to talk to me (or each other) or play on their phones. (I didn’t want to become like them)

Music is therapeutic. That’s why I listen to music and that’s why I make it. 

Renegade is QUITE intense and there’s A LOT of cussing so if you dont like cussing–DON’T LISTEN! 

I can’t wait for y’all to hear my baby! Renegade is unlike any other song you’ve ever heard from me. I cannot compare Renegade to any song other than “Renegade” by Jay Z & Eminem. 

The premise of Jay Z & Eminem’s song is that society frowns upon being financially free. The media and general public will judge you for wanting money and use you as a scapegoat for all sorts of bad things instead of taking responsibility for their own actions. In an attempt to take the spotlight off themselves and their wrong doings and LACK OF CONTRIBUTIONS to the community, they will try to dissuade guilt and responsibility for everything that’s wrong with society on you. 

This song is basically an “F U” to all the people who through their own self-hatred (unintentionally) were hurting me and rejecting me.

Sometimes even INTENTINALLY putting me down, judging, assuming, lying about me and degrading me sexually. 

They judged me and accused me of stealing, drugs, being a bad person–all without ever speaking to me (some) they spoke ABOUT me–instead of TO ME (and I KNOW THIS because other people would come tell me they “heard about me” etc.) They kicked me out of stores–one of them because I had to poop and the sign “closed for cleaning” was on the bathroom. They did EVERYTHING they could to try to stop me—(CRABS IN A BUCKET) AND IT JUST MADE ME GO HARDER! AND TODAY, I’M GOING HARDER THAN EVER BEFORE! YOU ARE WORTH IT! 

EVERYONE AROUND ME WAS WINNING IN MANY WAYS–they had everything they want RIGHT NOW—- money, food, water, shelter, people they can talk to that understand them and struggles (THAT’S BIG!) YET THEY COMPLAINED IT WASN’T ENOUGH! UNGRATEFUL JERKS!

THAT is when it hit me! I was starting to become ungrateful and judgemental–just like them. And all the suffering and willingly sacrificing of things like showers, stove to cook, a warm bed indoors, GOOD people–I started to be INSANELY GRATEFUL for every little thing I DID have…that is the true path to freedom. 

God gave me a revelation “When I’m on my private jet, I’m not gonna be like “oh man, I wish I had taken more showers while I was building my business when I was homeless. Man, I wish I hadn’t said “no” to all those slutty, no-value dudes trying to pay me to go out with them while I was live streaming. Man, I wish I hadn’t slept outside. Man, I wish I hadn’t kept my mouth shut when all these people were putting me down, judging me, or telling me to “get a real job”. Man I wish I hadn’t worked 16 hour (or more) days. Man, I wish I hadn’t gotten up at 3 or 4 am and worked til long after all the stores were closed.” SO WHY COMPLAIN NOW? WHY FEEL UNWORTHY NOW?? It was WORTH IT! I AM WORTH IT! YOU ARE WORTH IT! 

If you are not willing to suffer by putting yourself through pain, you will never experience ecstasy. You will never experience the elation that comes from winning. Knowing that you are competent and capable of doing anything you want to do. And you will never be free from other people’s agendas and attitudes. 

I’m Worth It Inc. is here to emotionally equip entertainers for financial abundance. Abundance comes from generosity and starts inside with a belief “I’m worth it!”. 

YOU are one of those good people who supported me—THANK YOU SO MUCH! I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU! Especially my mama & Aunt Kathy! 

I need to achieve to show y’all what’s possible. I need the money as a visible symbol to you so that you are more confident that YOU can do it! You’re worth it! 


If you’ve never heard my music, here’s my ORIGINAL music on my youtube channel! 


This is the Jay Z & Eminem song “Renegade” I feel almost exactly this way (except that instead of robbing stores, that part is a metaphor for me.) (I relate more to Eminem’s verses and this was one of the few songs that got me through the most challenging year of my life. ( Building I’m Worth It Inc. during Covid19 lockdown in LA/Rancho Cucamonga/Santa Monica.)

2 that Saved me from Suicide turn 15 this year! (YouTube & Ryeleigh)

I live for this young lady and all young ladies like her. Ryeleigh has a dream. She wants to create dance routines for young women and appear in film and tv. Ryeleigh wants to travel the world helping young girls. I have that dream too. And Ryeleigh LITERALLY kept me alive. My plans of sucicide only failed because I wanted to see her succeed. In my grief through the cancer and the pain of losing my home, then dealing with the mental & physical abuse from my mother, I forgot there were other people depending on me. I forgot they love me. “They wouldn’t even know I’m gone. I don’t matter to anybody. Nobody cares.” I prayed and begged God to heal my body and get me out of that house. A moment of clarity came. “What kind of impact would your suicide have on these kids? They already watched divorce, heroin addiction and its impacts, and lost parents. Now they’re being abused physically and mentally the way you were growing up. You have to break the chains. YOU HAVE TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!” 

That’s when I started connecting with YouTube creators through Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. These people have no idea they had a hand in saving my life. 

My low self worth and selfishness that came from it has stopped me all my life from doing what I wanted to do. 

That’s why I created I’m Worth It Inc. I want everyone to know that you can do anything you want to do and get paid as much money as you want for it—if you are willing to sacrifice, put in the work and do it for the purpose of empowering mankind. We are INFINITE in value@

YouTube has given me something I’ve never had—community. YouTube has connected me with creators and fans around the world I would have never reached otherwise. YouTube has given me a creative outlet to express myself and share my story in a way I never have before. I never planned on doing a YouTube channel. I started it when I first became homeless. Changing my name to Liberty V Justice was easy. Starting my own empire, not so much! I have a HUGE vision and it all came so much clearer by practicing talking to myself on a private (I thought) YouTube channel! Now people watch me and say I inspire them. They say they’ve gotten off heroin, or they have lost weight, or done something else I’ve done, like started a music career. I found my family through YouTube, I found my voice and I found my calling. I am the evidence that your dream is achievable! You’re worth it! 

Thank you Susan, Thank you YouTube & Google, thank you to all the creators–present, past & future–for being here for us and sharing your story so transparently and saving the world! You are my superheroes! Thank you to myself, and most importantly, an angel God sent to me named Ryeleigh. I’m only alive because of you! And now I’m REALLY LIVING, in Los Angeles!

SAY “NO” to save the world!

QUEENS RULE the country because WE RULE OURSELVES! We know our worth! INFINITE! LIMITLESS!
We tend to neglect the most important things appearance , cleanliness, sleep, Foot massage, sleep, routines, rituals, time management. It also boils down to the same thing that infects the entire planet, the only problem in society is “I’m not good enough”, so we don’t set boundaries. We don’t say no. Think of it as being positively selfish. You’re not saying “no” to others you’re saying “yes” to them by saying “yes” yourself! Put your oxygen mask on first! You can’t give from an empty cup.
HOW CAN I infect the world with this GOOD infection if I am not full of joy? IF I AM not well rested? IF I AM letting FOREIGN things into the door of my mind? TOXIC people…
The people we need to empower have this same problem how can we lead and guide them if we CHOOSE not do it ourselves? Notice I didn’t say we “can’t” do it. We can do anything we wanna do. We choose not to have the discipline and self worth we need to succeed.
The irony is that If we had the short term self discipline and just did it despite the fear of rejection or abuse or whatever then our mental muscles would become stronger. We’d become immune to the attitude that “I’m not enough” and we’d actually be more successful. Here’s why: The things we DID complete would be more potent and powerful. Those things would help more people and we’d be successful and start making money sooner. And as a result we would feel more worthy and we would be valued more by more people. Then, the marketplace would see us as more valuable and pay us more! 
QUEENS RULE the country because WE RULE OURSELVES! We know our worth! INFINITE! LIMITLESS!
“When you know your worth, you’ll stop giving people discounts” Chris Lee @chrismotivador

KNOW YOUR WORTH, QUEENS! STOP GIVING PEOPLE DISCOUNTS! SAY “NO” for your own health and the health of your tribe!! WE ARE INFINITE IN VALUE! 

Procrastinating for Prosperity??!!

Procrastinating for Prosperity

I’ma break it down simple for y’all ok? Prosperous people procrastinate on the unproductive unhealthy things, and poor people procrastinate on the things that matter. “I’ll call gram and have that hard conversation later.” 

I started to look to the future and see with my eyes of faith and just started doing things now and procrastinating on the bad habits. I procrastinate on the bad unproductive habits, as a prosperous productive leader. “Later I’ll get that candy”. Then I started to see more results and get better and more time efficient with those things. I became like race car. It may seem monotonous to you, but there’s comfort and certainty in doing the same things over and over again. You get good, you build speed. Then, you
get great & become faster. You build your mental muscles and gain momentum. You become unstoppable! You gain confidence. You start to respect yourself more. You’ll become so confident that you make better choices in EVERY area of your Life. 

Pretty soon you’ve build new brain cells. You’ve become a person you love so much that you don’t look to people to cheer you on. Instead, people flock around you constantly like Michael Jackson fans. It’s annoying sometimes, but I love y’all! As a poor person I procrastinated on the good, productive habits/activities. I was in a cul de sac of confusion which was only the same things I’d been doing because it’s all I knew. 


All I saw was my lack of success. I wasted so much time thinking about it how Would I do it? or I can’t do it.  I thought I was stupid and couldn’t do anything right. I feared loss of time so guess what? I lost more time. I didn’t 
wanna lose time on a music career that didn’t work so I lost more time and hated myself more by doing jobs I hated. 

You don’t have to be great to start. You have to START to be great! The only way you get confident at something is by getting good at it. The only way to get good at it is practicing it every day. The more you create good feelings by doing the things you wanna do, the happier & more confident you will feel. Then, that prosperity in your body, mind & soul will lead to financial prosperity. 

You’ll eventually forget you even had those bad habits and have no urge to feed them. Just do it now! You’re worth it! YOU ARE INFINITE in value! Tienes INFINITO EN VALOR! Thanks y’all! Te aprecio! 


Liberty V Justice CEO I’m Worth It Inc. 

@DanSchawbel’s Take on “Want” vs “Need” BEST short read!

Wanting to achieve a goal is noble, but needing to achieve it can cause disappointment and unhappiness because nothing in life is for certain. Needing things to happen puts you in a weaker position when it comes to relationships. If you need someone to be your client or to promote your product, your interaction with them will feel forced and you will come off as needy. If you need to have more followers or more money, it can be harmful to your health, relationships and you’re ability to make that happen. I like the word “want” more than “need” because “want” gives you the breathing room, and space, to make a mistake, fail, get criticized, be disrupted, get rejected or simply not achieve that goal – all of which may or may not happen – and many times these are forces outside of our control. Instead of saying “need”, try using “want” more. You’d be surprised at how it will change your mindset.
(& my friend!) I appreciate you, Dan! YOU ARE SO RIGHT!
Buy Dan’s book: Back to Human: How Great Leaders Create Connections in the age of Isolation:


One of my heroes!
“It always seems impossible until it’s done”

“There is no passion to be found playing small–in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”

Nelson set me free.

Nelson had no excuses. He did more in prison than most people will do all their lives with their freedom.
With much power comes much responsibility.
I am here for you. I am still Nelson in some ways. I am imprisoned in the world that I love so much that I create for you.

I’ve run out of excuses. I’m about to accumulate results! “Overnight success” they’ll say. If by overnight you mean 3 years sleeping outdoors working for free, giving away money, (That’s why I’ll be in the 1% God trusts me) putting everything into this while being treated like crap, laughed at and threatened by the people I’m here to empower.

My adversity is my advantage. Waking up from 2 am until 10 pm, I am able to create a lot more than most people, I am not tethered to a “job”. I have a career and I only have it because of and for you! I want to show you that you can do anything you want to do–if you want to do it badly enough, you’ll find the way. If you don’t you’ll find an excuses.

Just do you.

We are happiest in our lives when we are doing the things we want to do. When we get good enough, and people value us enough, we will have the material wealth for them.

Until that manifests, we already own the world.

“The world belongs to the energetic” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Do things that energize you. Hang with people who do the same arts you do & that lift you up and encourage you. Cut out activities that drain you. For me, I hate texting & talking on the phone, email, facebok etc. I do those to a bare minimum (family & friends I can’t see or business calls/messages I can’t do otherwise.)
Instead, I use my time & writing gifts for my YouTube channel, my own personal website that I build & (or fb, twitter, ig business accounts to bring awareness to my brand.)


What are you working on for your art today? What is your biggest project and 3 moves you are making towards it today (and EVERY day) comment below! Thank you!

Who IS Liberty V Justice?

WHO IS Liberty V Justice? My Story

HEY YOU GORGEOUS GENIUS! Thanks for investing in yourself by coming to my site. YOU ARE WORTH IT!

Who IS Liberty V Justice? I am YOU! If you want to know who I am, look in the mirror! I’m just a future version of you. Let me explain.

In 2007, I weighed 350 pounds, lived in my own trailer, Had a McJob & no college education. I was addicted to drugs, alcohol, cigarettes & attention from the Mental Health industry. I was being beaten by a man I thought I was in love with for years, who was like the mother who did it my whole life.

That same year (2007),  I started my journey towards becoming “The Best Wife Ever. I quit cigarettes, drugs & alcohol. Next, I dropped 200 pounds, my McJob & my “man” who was beating me like a bad habit. This all took about about 2 years.

In 2010,  I started college with my AA in counseling, then my BA in Pastoral Leadership, and finally graduated Dec 23, 2014 (my 7 year sobriety birthday) with my Master’s in Creative Writing!! Guess what? I had my first paying article published in the Salvation Army’s War Cry Magazine 2 months before that! Read it here.

I legally changed my name March 16, 2015 to Liberty V Justice. I always wanted to change my name & I thought I’d wait until I got married. My mother’s husband adopted me & gave me his name when I was 2. He molested me for years. I was only 13 when he raped me on one of our court ordered visits after my mama divorced him. This sexual trauma from childhood was one of the major issues that made me gain weight, use drugs & steal money from my bank of worthiness. I always felt worthless, so I never invested in myself or in you. Forgive me for taking so long!

I moved to Columbia, SC June 4, 2015. Why Columbia? I did my time in the Army there. May 22, 2017, (the day after my gram’s memorial service) I moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue my music career and start my own multi-media empire–I’m Worth It! Inc. 

What could get inside a person’s mind and make them go full force for their goals at this stage in life? (I’m 41. I was born November 7, 1978)

I have a BURNING DESIRE FOR THE WHOLE WORLD–especially women–starting at the youngest age possible–to know the freedom of self-expression and EVERY freedom (including financial) through waking up to your wealth! 

I finally learned who I am through Cancer, homelessness, alienation from society, moving to 2 different states and the Lord liberating me of my grandma so I could be free to change the world’s mindset with the message grandma taught me all my life. You are INFINITE in value! You’re a superstar! If you wanna do something badly enough, you’ll find the way, if you don’t, you’ll find the excuse. NO EXCUSES! You’re worth it!