Help us help kids! Operation Underground Railroad: Goal: Raise $2,612

Help us help kids! Operation Underground Railroad: Goal: Raise $2,612

Why $2,612? “That’s a weird number, Liberty. Why not make it an even $2,000?” Because Genesis 26:12 says Isaac sowed in the land during a famine and received 100 fold! Whoever sows into this will be part of that blessing! PROSPERING IN A FAMINE!

 Use our Facebook link to make a SAFE donation (I’m Worth It Inc. will not get your payment info) and it’s 100% tax deductible & NO FEES for you! (If you donate $1,000 (example) Like LIberty did, you will only be charged $1,000)

 If you want something to go with your donation, you can buy ANY of our store’s digital or physical products and we give 10% of ALL our profits to Operation Underground Railroad!

I donated $1,000 to Operation Underground Railroad because it's part of God's vision for my business I'm Worth It Inc. I wanted to start a non-profit with this name, BUT They beat me to it! I always say "I'm your Harriet Tubman" BECAUSE I WANT YOU to experience freedom! IN ALL AREAS! and as a child, I was molested, raped, abused and HAD SO MANY self worth issues, including drug & alcohol addiction, obesity & VIOLENT boyfriends! I WANT TO SOLVE THIS WORLDWIDE PANDEMIC OF ABUSE AND SELF WORTH PROBLEM AND I WILL PAY ANY price to do it! MONEY, PERSONAL PAIN, EVEN DEATH! YOU ARE WORTH IT, to God and TO me! 

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