a solder runs away in the desert as he gets ambushed--a picture for the short fiction story written by Liberty V Justice CEO I'm Worth It Inc.

Ambushed--by Liberty V Justice

Constant threats. It’s an ambush attack. He stays strapped waiting to kill. Everyone is a threat to his survival. No one stands a chance. He has no loyalty. He’s a soldier He’s waiting, debating, when will it be over? When will I be out of danger? Never. He uses his anger. It’s fuel for his fire. He stays lit from the fuse they put inside him. He’s the terminator. He is the danger. No reason to be scared. He’s a soldier. They’re terrified of him. They should be. When he succeeds they will need to change  “He has delusions of grandeur” he thinks he’s the greatest on earth” what’s he smokin that can get his thinkin this high?” “How can he be so happy?” How can he be so confident? How can he be so hopeful for the future when we’re at war? Isn’t he in the same war we’re in? What world is he in? Is he under a rock? He’s so happy acting like nothin’ is happening. He acts like this war hasn’t gotten worse. They’re constantly starin’---- waitin’ to attack. 

They wanna ambush him with a hailstorm of bullets (excuses) 

They wanna blame complain explain why they’re not successful 

They dont have big goals, that's why they’re losing. That’s why they have no energy. They have never tasted defeat

They have never had to rise to their feet from the streets wondering how they’ll eat When this all started they were happy to see him drenched in blood, soaked in sweat, dirty body Eyes blurry, he kept running, He kept hiding. He kept duckin and dodgin’ their bullets. He kept a low profile until it was time to get on the front lines and fire.  Constantly caught in the crossfire, constantly crawling under the wire.  He’s a one man army. He’s a rogue soldier. He’s on his own. Constantly lookin’ for an ally.

Betrayal, treason. That’s all he’s seen. 

Tired of askin. He’s takin what he wants.  Tired of the lies. Tired of tryin’a hide. He’s got it in his sights. 

He knows what he wants. He’s no longer afraid. 

He’s not trippin on the wire anymore. His head towards the sky. It doesn’t matter why. It doesn’t matter how. He knows the time is now. No more delays. No time to waste. No need to wait. No need to cry, no need to look for allies.

He’s not gonna wait. He’s not gonna hate. He won’t let the fear seep into his bones. He won’t let it infect him. He won’t let the losers drag him into the cesspool with sharks huntin’ for fresh blood.

Humans can’t hurt him. Where are they? He’s traveled across the country and hasn’t found any. They’re all zombies. 

He’s in this fight alone. He’s resigned himself to the facts. He can’t sleep in denial anymore. 

Bodies pile up in his avalanche of abundance. Nobody rises but the lone soldier. 

No need to have feelings. Feelings aren’t facts. Feelings won’t bring them back. Feelings won’t make him more god-like. Feelings will make him more human. Human, he’s not one. Human? What’s that? 

If being human means denying the truth and living an average life. He wants to separate himself from that for eternity.

He knows he’s earned the right to be free

If doing what’s right and stickin’ to his plan is a crime, he’ll be doin’ time for life.

He’ll take the death penalty.

He’ll keep his integrity. He will die on his sword. He’d rather die on his feet than live on his knees. Nobody ever made a statue to the masses who live quiet lives of desperation.

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