ARE YOU UNETHICAL? Dealing with people ONLY because you want their money...

ARE YOU UNETHICAL? Dealing with people ONLY because you want their money...

“Dealing with people only because you want their money is unethical”--Dan Lok

“Money is evil & people who have or want massive amounts of it are unethical” 


Money doesn’t do bad things. People do. Money doesn’t do good things. People do.

Who determines what’s “wrong” or “right”? Who determines what’s “evil” or “immoral” or “unethical”? EACH INDIVIDUAL. 

Then we lower our standards as soon as we’re not getting what we want quickly enough. Then, we judge others for having it. We make up stories & ASS umptions in our minds to justify our lack of work, lack of discipline and incorrect actions. 

The person who has what we want is the “bad guy”. We’re not bad for compromising our beliefs, standards and ethics. It’s the other person--because they have what we want. We’re not “bad” because we didn’t have the flame so strong in our bones that we put in the discipline, the work & sacrifice. NO! THEY are “bad’! We don’t even want it anyway! That thing is stupid! Sounds like a 3 year old right?

LIFE is about choices

“I do it for the money”. That’s the NUMBER ONE excuse I hear from people with 9-5 jobs complaining TO ME about dealing with people that treat them like sh$$--customers, co workers, bosses…

THOSE SAME PEOPLE tell me I’M bad for asking for money for the business I built from THE CONCRETE---WITH MY BLOOD! 

PEOPLE OFTEN ACCUSE YOU of what THEY are guilty…..

You accept ANY type of treatment from ANYBODY only because you want their money and I am the bad person?

A customer you didn’t serve comes from the drive thru to your front counter and throws food at your face and screams “You STUPID B$$$$!”...

Your manager does a TikTok livestream while she’s working the drive through. You do NOTHING… (Except talk sh$$ to your friends “If I did that, she’d fire me!”) 

You witness co-workers stealing company goods-- you do nothing…

I’ve dealt with each of the scenarios you read above, like when I worked at Mcdonald’s. When I finally stood up “THIS SH$$ IS WRONG!”  A woman walked in BLEEDING AND SCREAMING “HE BEAT ME!” NOBODY would help her--not even my manager. So, I clocked out, called the police on Katie's abuser & QUIT working for money. I WORK FOR PURPOSE NOW! 

Quitting Mcdonald’s & RESPECTING MYSELF (vs worrying about not having enough money)  set me free. I felt so good about myself I lost 250 pounds, someone BEATING ME DAILY &  the mindset that “I can’t” or “I’m not worth it”

When I was homeless and starting I’m Worth It Inc., I received money for products and services from people who completely degraded and exhausted me emotionally. 

Worst of all,  I was reinforcing their bad behavior and I was interfering with their spiritual, mental and emotional progress. 

Every time I allowed someone to treat me badly and then give me money, I was devaluing myself and I was sending them the message “It’s good to treat people badly, as long as you give them money.” 

Sending people’s money back scared me A LOT---but I trusted God to provide me with food money.  And it set my conscience at ease. I was guilt free and able to create amazing content in that headspace. BEST OF ALL: me doing what’s MORAL caused God to always provide for me since then!

Until the past few months. I was accepting money from people WHO DO NOT EVEN WATCH MY FREE YOUTUBE CHANNEL! THEY CARE NOTHING about my empowering empire I’m building and content I put out to help them 

AND they give me MOUTHS on top of it! They tell me I’m “bad” for wanting wealth to help others with it! I’m bad for working for no money, for a mission instead.

I don’t care what anybody except ME says or does---I sacrifice NOW--- because you’re worth it! I’m building an ETERNAL LEGACY TO EMPOWER PEOPLE LONG AFTER I’m dead! You’re worth it! 

I will NEVER lower my standards to raise society’s

I WILL NEVER conform to YOUR standards of accepted “morality”. “Money is bad. Wealthy people are unethical.”  MONEY IS GOOD! MONEY CAN HELP PEOPLE! MONEY PUTS FOOD in people’s stomachs, clothes on their backs, and shelter over them. AND money helps them escape slavery! That’s why I’m giving a portion of sales to O.U.R.--Operations Underground Railroad--helping kids escape from child sex trafficking, child labor and other prisons. 

 I GET TO CHOOSE who I talk to, who I work with, who I pay and who pays me. 

My name is Liberty. I’m CEO I’m Worth It Inc. Entertainment Empire focused on emotionally equipping entertainers for financial abundance. 

Dealing with people just because I want their money IS WRONG! If someone devalues me, I cannot serve them. If for any reason, I cannot add value to a human life, the best thing I can do for BOTH of us is LEAVE THEM to LEARN FOR THEMSELVES!

“Dealing with people only because you want their money is unethical”--Dan Lok
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