WORSE? 10 yr old working at McDonald's or plastic in the ocean?

WORSE? 10 yr old working at McDonald's or plastic in the ocean?

SERIOUSLY? OUR KIDS ARE OUR FUTURE! Talk to me! Leave a comment! 

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I quit McDonald’s when I was fat as hell: watch this to see why: (3 mins) I was fat & quit mcdonalds after I lost 250 lbs

How I lost 250 lbs, quit smoking & working at Mcdonald’s all at once! How I quit mcd's, smoking & lost 250 lbs

I read this article today about A Reddit Group’s “outrage” because “Mcdonalds’ Little Mermaid packaging could end up in the Ocean”. news article about Reddit complaintsUpon further reading, I discovered THE REAL reason for the “Outrage”  (I believe) which is the parents PAY A FREAKIN’ DOLLAR for these “Happy meals” and THEY ARE “Outraged” because “there is only ONE apple” in these “packages of apples” haha YOU PAID FOR IT! WHAT DO YOU EXPECT? FOR A FREAKIN’ DOLLAR? AND YOU ARE PAYING FOR THE PACKAGING YOU are complaining about (IT iS A BRAND name! Little Mermaid, DUH!) AND WILL CONTINUE to buy! BTW, you’re “surprised nobody sued them” BUT YOU WILL NEVER take a stand because YOU BUY YOUR KIDS GARBAGE FOOD SIMPLY BECAUSE YOU EAT GARBAGE!!! SO SHUT UP, EAT HEALTHY AND TEACH YOUR KIDS by example, OR STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT “the ocean” AND AT LEAST SPEAK THE TRUTH! “I am outraged because I eat garbage and I REFUSE to learn to cook, and I paid my hard earned money so my kids could eat my garbage with me and then I try to justify it by giving them apples because “apples are healthy” AND THEY JIPPED ME OF MY APPLES! I ONLY GOT ONE!” YOU AND YOUR KIDS ARE WORTH IT! 

Which is more important?  Saving the ocean animals of the plastic (LIARS) 

You’re angry about the 2 cents of the apple slices (YOU COULD HAVE BOUGHT A BAG of apples for about the same price as the whole garbage “Happy Meal”) OR teaching your kids to eat right and NOT work at a place like McDonald’s?  Taking care of our kids at home WHO ARE 15 years old working DURING SCHOOL HOURS at your beloved Mc Garbage (I mean McDonald’s) AND 10 year olds working (illegal to begin with) FOR FREE TIL 2 am??

Here are 2 YouTube shows that prove this. (sources cited in the shows, one is NBC news)


Young Turks (advocates for better politics FOR THE PEOPLE) (They cite sources on the Mcdonald's (62 of them in the country) being fined for child labor laws

My short on YouTube on this


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