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I'm a social distancing champion! screensaver! (or poster)

I'm a social distancing champion! screensaver! (or poster)

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I HATED social distancing during covid19 because I HATE fear and people trying to force it on me. I HATE going out in public because I DO NOT get to choose who’s there! On a bus, in a store, or in a restaurant. Whenever I do NOT WANT to be around MOST people!

I DO know that as a wealthy superstar I WILL HAVE TO BE IN PUBLIC

But that doesn't change the facts: I NEED MY SPACE! I AM A SOCIAL DISTANCING CHAMPION!

I created this digital asset because a YouTube subscriber said they didn’t have the money for the t-shirt right now. 

I KNEW there were others out there who felt the same way I do! I’m SO HAPPY TO FIND YOU! (Or that YOU found me!) We are family here!  Everything I do is to serve YOU, Legend! You are worth it!

My entire life is dedicated to my mission. I do not have 9-5 job, just my business-- I’m Worth It Inc.-- and my YouTube channel and other social media platforms like my music, podcast etc. 

Thanks so much for joining our family, LEGEND! YOU ARE worth it! Liberty V Justice

Check out this episode I filmed during covid19 when I first started I’m Worth It Inc.

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print this out or use it as a screen saver on your macbook iPhone, iPad etc

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