What fears stopped my money freedom?

What fears stopped my money freedom?

Do you have these fears when it comes to becoming financially wealthy? 

Here’s mine

  1. Fear I’ll lose it, or ruin it
  2. Fear it will be taken away
  3. Fear I’m not responsible enough
  4. Fear I’m not capable enough
  5. Fear I’m not smart enough
  6. Fear it won’t last
  7. Fear it’s a fluke and i can’t repeat it
  8. Fear people will think I don't care about them anymore
  9. Fear people will think I'm a bad person 
  10. Fear people will lie to me and steal from me (who work for me)
  11. Fear people will only want me for my money and they won't even try to get to know the real me 
  12. Fear people will feel alienated and they won’t be able to talk to me because they feel unworthy
  13. Fear of losing people i care deeply about 
  14. Fear people will make me look stupid and steal my money (because I trusted them to manage my money or something in my business) 
  15. Fear I wont be able to go any higher because I won't be able to find people to work with my business and help I’m Worth It Inc. grow

These are just a few of my fears that USED to keep me from having financial wealth & freedom. Comment, do you relate? Have you had these same fears? YOU ARE worth it! I AM LAYING ON THIS BOMB FOR YOU! I AM THE EMPOWERING EXAMPLE that YOU CAN do anything you want to do! (Phil 4:13) you are CAPABLE, STRONG AND WORTHY!

Love, Liberty V Justice CEO I’m Worth It Inc.

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