"You got a raise, Now give me one, AFTER I quit!" (Hollywood strike BS!)

“Hey Mom, you got a raise. Now you should give me more money!”  How do you think that would have worked out? Yeah I would have had my A$$ whooped!  Yeah my mom whoop my A$$ and I'm a genius now because I've learned my lesson!  Get ya A$$ whooped! Then you’ll learn

 “And the companies have made Mega profits they have tons of money to pay Executives to a 30 million dollars a year. They’re padding the stockholders and that money could be shared with the people that earned them all that money”  (Says Sag-Aftra Strikers)

You don't demand things that you didn't earn. In 1988 I had the best internship of my life. It was with my mama. I asked my mom for money but instead she gave me skills. Then as I learned the skills she paid me and as my skills increased, my pay increased. I had a teacher, see? Now I learned a skill I learned how to do laundry, right? And as I was perfecting the skill of doing laundry---which can only be done by doing it--on the side I was learning how to cook from my mentor, my grandma.

That's so sad, mom. You shoulda paid her for that! But anyway! Ha As I learned more skills I got more bills! My skills increased, my money increased. And as my skills increased my self-esteem increased and the money was just icing on the cake.  

Because when you have skills it gives you confidence and it gives you leverage it gives you leverage to be able to say “Hey, I have more skills. I can do more for you now therefore I'm worth more to you--- money wise-- I'm worth more because I have more skills.” right? 

I don't just go to my mom and ask for more money simply because she got a raise. She got a raise because she does more. She gives more. She learned more. She has more skills, and she does more. I don't deserve that raise because I didn't earn it. I can increase my value in my mom's own life,  right? When I was a kid I increased the value to my mother by taking some of the burden off of her,  some of the stress off of her, some of the frustration off of her, giving her more time back, right? And therefore I increased my value to my mom. She gave me more money because my skills and my attitude increased also! 

 I love to serve my mom. I love seeing the smile on her face and she was like “Wow you did a great job!”  Oh and guess what?  Because it has such a great attitude and I was so happy to serve my mom, oftentimes she would give me more money than what I negotiated for, because Attitude is Altitude!

 and you can't get things from other people by being ungrateful for what they've already given you! Raise your salary--ask for a raise when you increase those things. Skills: Smiles, service, gratitude. Thank you! See how easy that was?  My name is Liberty V Justice. There's no period in my “V” because my victories never end and I'm here to help you get your victories, Legend! You're worth it!

 If you enjoyed this then share this with someone else! If you do share this with someone that would be worth everything to me! It would mean the world to me to reach more people that I can serve. This is my life! And I live to serve you with my YouTube channel and everything that I do with I'm Worth It Incorporated. Thank you for letting me serve you! You're worth it 

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