Overcoming haters, doubters and non-believers

There’s a car on top of your baby

When there’s a car on top of your baby, do you care what anybody else thinks about you being able to lift it up or not? Do you care about how you look to other people?. 

My Grandma died, but not without leaving me her inheritance. Wealth of wisdom…. I honor Gram on her birthday instead of using them & keeping them for myself. I share them with you. Sharing is caring! You’re worth it! 

Gram was an independent woman. She wasn’t rich by today’s financial standards, but she had more than enough to take care of herself & the rest of our family. Gram also gave to the church, causes she believed in, and was generous with her money helping the people around her. She did all of it because she was grateful and being generous and loving is who she was.

Many people feel trapped in situations that are unhealthy for them because they “need the money”. In reality, they haven’t had their “car on top of their baby” moment. They haven’t had enough pain. 

Grandma got fed up with being abused by a man & she had 2 young daughters to take care of. that’s why she became financially independent.  And gram stayed free and generous until the day she died. 

I got tired of being abused also. The so-called boyfriend (he never gave me a dime, I spent massive money on him, and he left me in debt after he had a baby with someone I loved and I finally kicked him out of my apartment, that I paid all the bills which we were supposed to share. I got tired of abuse by the matrix aka jobs, and other humans in my life. I got tired of being part of a broken system and acting like a victim. 

Tyler Perry, Halle Berry, Jay Z, all billionaires, All homeless before they became wealthy.

Maybe gram wouldn’t  be as “extreme” as I was moving to LA and now going without shelter or money and running my business trying to get my profits started.

Gram couldn't afford to take chances like that.  But I believe she would have if she were in my position and the kids were grown.

My drive & overcoming my pride of what people will think 

  1. They do not care about me. So why should I give a fuck what they think? They’ll betray me any chance they get, will NOT put the work in to do the things I wanna teach you so they’re not part of the community and future family I’m building, they will not purchase products from me therefore giving me a place to live 

  1. I see the future if I DON’T make it happen right now and let the fear of haters doubters and non believers say or (possibly) think that’s if they DO ACTUALLY USE THEIR BRAINS TO THINK AN ORIGINAL THOUGHT (99% of people don’t thats why they’re poor they do what everyone else does ie get a job, and thus stay poor and miserable 

 I never take advice from a quitter.

I don’t care what people think if they don’t have what I want. When I did that,  I may have had a place to live, but I was broke, overweight, unhealthy, miserable and had no real friends.

I don’t want my life to be like my past. I don’t want to look like the old me, I don’t want to feel physically or spiritually like the old me, I don’t want to feel unworthy, I don't want the same friends, I don’t want the same finances. 

Gram had no excuses, no shame and no apologies

She was a leader.  She modeled the behaviors and morals she wanted us to have. Gram never gave up on me.

When there’s a car on top of your baby, do you care what anybody else thinks about you being able to lift it up or not? Do you care about how you look to other people?

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