I'd rather be BAD than BROKE!

I'd rather be BAD than BROKE!

“Wealthy people are crooks. They don’t care about people. They only care about money. Money is Evil.”

Criminal Liberty---The Podcast!

The warden may shoot me on the way out but I am jumpin’ over this fence of poverty’s prison!!

It’s worth the risk! The alternative is too painful. 

--The alternative is to be like everyone else, die miserable, broke, alone, unknown, unable to help anybody else, sick…

My name is Liberty. 

I’m a criminal…'cause I'd rather be BAD than BROKE! I'm Worth It!

If you’d rather be bad than broke, let’s have some fun, learn together and laugh over our mistakes on the way over the fence to financial freedom

If you’re not goin' with 'em when you get out, and you’re not staying in prison with 'em-spend little to no time with them or even thinking of them! BREAK OUT! CHEERS to your abundance--mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, social AND financial! YOU ARE WORTH IT! Liberty V Justice CEO I'm Worth It Inc.



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