“Live the way NOW, MOST are unwilling to, so later, YOU can live the way MOST are UNABLE to!”               Dave Ramsey–and LVJ–I WILL HAVE MY PRIVATE JET! I HAVE done the suffering & sacrificing so YOU can see how it’s done! You’re worth it! 

I built over 100k on TikTok during Covid19 while sleeping on the concrete in Rancho Cucamonga, Ca (suburb of LA) 

I wrote this song shortly after I got my first place indoors. It was unresolved anger from what had happened during covid lockdown

Now that I got it off my chest, I can rest more easily. Y’ALL GON FEEL ME!

I felt alone, outcast, unwanted. I felt like a walking target. I felt like a criminal. I felt like a terrorist. Why am I THE ONE that is wrong? Sneaking around trying to make great video content for YouTube & TikTok, making my music, talking to fans, and my live streams. All while trying to get away from the ungrateful people on the clock who got paid to stare, try to talk to me (or each other) or play on their phones. (I didn’t want to become like them)

Music is therapeutic. That’s why I listen to music and that’s why I make it. 

Renegade is QUITE intense and there’s A LOT of cussing so if you dont like cussing–DON’T LISTEN! 

I can’t wait for y’all to hear my baby! Renegade is unlike any other song you’ve ever heard from me. I cannot compare Renegade to any song other than “Renegade” by Jay Z & Eminem. 

The premise of Jay Z & Eminem’s song is that society frowns upon being financially free. The media and general public will judge you for wanting money and use you as a scapegoat for all sorts of bad things instead of taking responsibility for their own actions. In an attempt to take the spotlight off themselves and their wrong doings and LACK OF CONTRIBUTIONS to the community, they will try to dissuade guilt and responsibility for everything that’s wrong with society on you. 

This song is basically an “F U” to all the people who through their own self-hatred (unintentionally) were hurting me and rejecting me.

Sometimes even INTENTINALLY putting me down, judging, assuming, lying about me and degrading me sexually. 

They judged me and accused me of stealing, drugs, being a bad person–all without ever speaking to me (some) they spoke ABOUT me–instead of TO ME (and I KNOW THIS because other people would come tell me they “heard about me” etc.) They kicked me out of stores–one of them because I had to poop and the sign “closed for cleaning” was on the bathroom. They did EVERYTHING they could to try to stop me—(CRABS IN A BUCKET) AND IT JUST MADE ME GO HARDER! AND TODAY, I’M GOING HARDER THAN EVER BEFORE! YOU ARE WORTH IT! 

EVERYONE AROUND ME WAS WINNING IN MANY WAYS–they had everything they want RIGHT NOW—- money, food, water, shelter, people they can talk to that understand them and struggles (THAT’S BIG!) YET THEY COMPLAINED IT WASN’T ENOUGH! UNGRATEFUL JERKS!

THAT is when it hit me! I was starting to become ungrateful and judgemental–just like them. And all the suffering and willingly sacrificing of things like showers, stove to cook, a warm bed indoors, GOOD people–I started to be INSANELY GRATEFUL for every little thing I DID have…that is the true path to freedom. 

God gave me a revelation “When I’m on my private jet, I’m not gonna be like “oh man, I wish I had taken more showers while I was building my business when I was homeless. Man, I wish I hadn’t said “no” to all those slutty, no-value dudes trying to pay me to go out with them while I was live streaming. Man, I wish I hadn’t slept outside. Man, I wish I hadn’t kept my mouth shut when all these people were putting me down, judging me, or telling me to “get a real job”. Man I wish I hadn’t worked 16 hour (or more) days. Man, I wish I hadn’t gotten up at 3 or 4 am and worked til long after all the stores were closed.” SO WHY COMPLAIN NOW? WHY FEEL UNWORTHY NOW?? It was WORTH IT! I AM WORTH IT! YOU ARE WORTH IT! 

If you are not willing to suffer by putting yourself through pain, you will never experience ecstasy. You will never experience the elation that comes from winning. Knowing that you are competent and capable of doing anything you want to do. And you will never be free from other people’s agendas and attitudes. 

I’m Worth It Inc. is here to emotionally equip entertainers for financial abundance. Abundance comes from generosity and starts inside with a belief “I’m worth it!”. 

YOU are one of those good people who supported me—THANK YOU SO MUCH! I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU! Especially my mama & Aunt Kathy! 

I need to achieve to show y’all what’s possible. I need the money as a visible symbol to you so that you are more confident that YOU can do it! You’re worth it! 


If you’ve never heard my music, here’s my ORIGINAL music on my youtube channel! 


This is the Jay Z & Eminem song “Renegade” I feel almost exactly this way (except that instead of robbing stores, that part is a metaphor for me.) (I relate more to Eminem’s verses and this was one of the few songs that got me through the most challenging year of my life. ( Building I’m Worth It Inc. during Covid19 lockdown in LA/Rancho Cucamonga/Santa Monica.)

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