2 that Saved me from Suicide turn 15 this year! (YouTube & Ryeleigh)

I live for this young lady and all young ladies like her. Ryeleigh has a dream. She wants to create dance routines for young women and appear in film and tv. Ryeleigh wants to travel the world helping young girls. I have that dream too. And Ryeleigh LITERALLY kept me alive. My plans of sucicide only failed because I wanted to see her succeed. In my grief through the cancer and the pain of losing my home, then dealing with the mental & physical abuse from my mother, I forgot there were other people depending on me. I forgot they love me. “They wouldn’t even know I’m gone. I don’t matter to anybody. Nobody cares.” I prayed and begged God to heal my body and get me out of that house. A moment of clarity came. “What kind of impact would your suicide have on these kids? They already watched divorce, heroin addiction and its impacts, and lost parents. Now they’re being abused physically and mentally the way you were growing up. You have to break the chains. YOU HAVE TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!” 

That’s when I started connecting with YouTube creators through Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. These people have no idea they had a hand in saving my life. 

My low self worth and selfishness that came from it has stopped me all my life from doing what I wanted to do. 

That’s why I created I’m Worth It Inc. I want everyone to know that you can do anything you want to do and get paid as much money as you want for it—if you are willing to sacrifice, put in the work and do it for the purpose of empowering mankind. We are INFINITE in value@

YouTube has given me something I’ve never had—community. YouTube has connected me with creators and fans around the world I would have never reached otherwise. YouTube has given me a creative outlet to express myself and share my story in a way I never have before. I never planned on doing a YouTube channel. I started it when I first became homeless. Changing my name to Liberty V Justice was easy. Starting my own empire, not so much! I have a HUGE vision and it all came so much clearer by practicing talking to myself on a private (I thought) YouTube channel! Now people watch me and say I inspire them. They say they’ve gotten off heroin, or they have lost weight, or done something else I’ve done, like started a music career. I found my family through YouTube, I found my voice and I found my calling. I am the evidence that your dream is achievable! You’re worth it! 

Thank you Susan, Thank you YouTube & Google, thank you to all the creators–present, past & future–for being here for us and sharing your story so transparently and saving the world! You are my superheroes! Thank you to myself, and most importantly, an angel God sent to me named Ryeleigh. I’m only alive because of you! And now I’m REALLY LIVING, in Los Angeles!

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    1. HOLA Lyndsay!! Te aprecio mi amiga!! habla conmigo en tiktok!! Por favor~ Gracias! Tienes infinito en valor! feliz dia~!

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    1. thanks dannY! look for my reply to your comment on my tiktok ok? @IMWORTHITINC on tiktok! I’ll make you a special video~ Youre worth it ~!

  2. Hallo mein Freund! Ich möchte sagen, dass dieser Artikel großartig ist, schön geschrieben und fast alle wichtigen Infos enthält. Ich würde gerne mehr Beiträge wie diesen sehen. Rosita Allen Goldi

    1. Thanks so much Jewell! have you found me on Tiktok? Will you please messsage me on Instagram? @IM.WORTH.IT.YOUTUBE i really appreciate you and i’d like to meet you and hear your story~! Thanks Jewell~ you’re worth it~! <3

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    1. what have you been expoloring for, Audrie? Can you message me on instagram? It’s easier on my phone. Im paying by the minute on this computer. will you also come to my livestream at 7pm pst on tiktok?Thanks Audrie! I really appreciate you~! you are infinite in value!

    1. thanks so much, Rae!!! I realy appreciate you!!! Will you message me on instgram? I wouldve answered this a lot sooner if I could do it from my phone like Instagram. Ill be livestreaming at 7 pm pacific time tonight (like I do every night) on tiktok. we also do a livestream on tiktok every morning at about 9 am pacific. thanks for reading! you’re worth it!

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