SAY “NO” to save the world!

QUEENS RULE the country because WE RULE OURSELVES! We know our worth! INFINITE! LIMITLESS!
We tend to neglect the most important things appearance , cleanliness, sleep, Foot massage, sleep, routines, rituals, time management. It also boils down to the same thing that infects the entire planet, the only problem in society is “I’m not good enough”, so we don’t set boundaries. We don’t say no. Think of it as being positively selfish. You’re not saying “no” to others you’re saying “yes” to them by saying “yes” yourself! Put your oxygen mask on first! You can’t give from an empty cup.
HOW CAN I infect the world with this GOOD infection if I am not full of joy? IF I AM not well rested? IF I AM letting FOREIGN things into the door of my mind? TOXIC people…
The people we need to empower have this same problem how can we lead and guide them if we CHOOSE not do it ourselves? Notice I didn’t say we “can’t” do it. We can do anything we wanna do. We choose not to have the discipline and self worth we need to succeed.
The irony is that If we had the short term self discipline and just did it despite the fear of rejection or abuse or whatever then our mental muscles would become stronger. We’d become immune to the attitude that “I’m not enough” and we’d actually be more successful. Here’s why: The things we DID complete would be more potent and powerful. Those things would help more people and we’d be successful and start making money sooner. And as a result we would feel more worthy and we would be valued more by more people. Then, the marketplace would see us as more valuable and pay us more! 
QUEENS RULE the country because WE RULE OURSELVES! We know our worth! INFINITE! LIMITLESS!
“When you know your worth, you’ll stop giving people discounts” Chris Lee @chrismotivador

KNOW YOUR WORTH, QUEENS! STOP GIVING PEOPLE DISCOUNTS! SAY “NO” for your own health and the health of your tribe!! WE ARE INFINITE IN VALUE! 

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