@DanSchawbel’s Take on “Want” vs “Need” BEST short read!

Wanting to achieve a goal is noble, but needing to achieve it can cause disappointment and unhappiness because nothing in life is for certain. Needing things to happen puts you in a weaker position when it comes to relationships. If you need someone to be your client or to promote your product, your interaction with them will feel forced and you will come off as needy. If you need to have more followers or more money, it can be harmful to your health, relationships and you’re ability to make that happen. I like the word “want” more than “need” because “want” gives you the breathing room, and space, to make a mistake, fail, get criticized, be disrupted, get rejected or simply not achieve that goal – all of which may or may not happen – and many times these are forces outside of our control. Instead of saying “need”, try using “want” more. You’d be surprised at how it will change your mindset.
(& my friend!) I appreciate you, Dan! YOU ARE SO RIGHT!
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