Who IS Liberty V Justice?

WHO IS Liberty V Justice? My Story

HEY YOU GORGEOUS GENIUS! Thanks for investing in yourself by coming to my site. YOU ARE WORTH IT!

Who IS Liberty V Justice? I am YOU! If you want to know who I am, look in the mirror! I’m just a future version of you. Let me explain.

In 2007, I weighed 350 pounds, lived in my own trailer, Had a McJob & no college education. I was addicted to drugs, alcohol, cigarettes & attention from the Mental Health industry. I was being beaten by a man I thought I was in love with for years, who was like the mother who did it my whole life.

That same year (2007),  I started my journey towards becoming “The Best Wife Ever. I quit cigarettes, drugs & alcohol. Next, I dropped 200 pounds, my McJob & my “man” who was beating me like a bad habit. This all took about about 2 years.

In 2010,  I started college with my AA in counseling, then my BA in Pastoral Leadership, and finally graduated Dec 23, 2014 (my 7 year sobriety birthday) with my Master’s in Creative Writing!! Guess what? I had my first paying article published in the Salvation Army’s War Cry Magazine 2 months before that! Read it here.

I legally changed my name March 16, 2015 to Liberty V Justice. I always wanted to change my name & I thought I’d wait until I got married. My mother’s husband adopted me & gave me his name when I was 2. He molested me for years. I was only 13 when he raped me on one of our court ordered visits after my mama divorced him. This sexual trauma from childhood was one of the major issues that made me gain weight, use drugs & steal money from my bank of worthiness. I always felt worthless, so I never invested in myself or in you. Forgive me for taking so long!

I moved to Columbia, SC June 4, 2015. Why Columbia? I did my time in the Army there. May 22, 2017, (the day after my gram’s memorial service) I moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue my music career and start my own multi-media empire–I’m Worth It! Inc. 

What could get inside a person’s mind and make them go full force for their goals at this stage in life? (I’m 41. I was born November 7, 1978)

I have a BURNING DESIRE FOR THE WHOLE WORLD–especially women–starting at the youngest age possible–to know the freedom of self-expression and EVERY freedom (including financial) through waking up to your wealth! 

I finally learned who I am through Cancer, homelessness, alienation from society, moving to 2 different states and the Lord liberating me of my grandma so I could be free to change the world’s mindset with the message grandma taught me all my life. You are INFINITE in value! You’re a superstar! If you wanna do something badly enough, you’ll find the way, if you don’t, you’ll find the excuse. NO EXCUSES! You’re worth it!

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