Drowned in disease. He fell to his knees. Clutched his heart. It stopped its beat. I’d rather die in retreat. I’d rather surrender than fight. This isn’t right. I’m helpless. Nothing I can do but be ambushed by you. The siren rings out and it’s so loud. I can’t even hear it now. It constantly goes off and it can’t be stopped. No batteries to pop. what can we do but stay tuned?

Arsenals empty. Ammo does us no good. Every shot we take disappears into the air. Is the enemy here or over there? Is this dark grave we find our way. Clothed in darkness we can’t tell who’s our enemy or ally. Can’t trust the zombies inside. Flesh eating monsters seem nice. 

The flies smell our rotting carcass and try to get a bite. People walk by and cry. We won’t be missed . “They’re just kids. It dont make a difference. They haven’t lived”

Who says one life doesn’t count? Will they slip into the seas forgotten with all this disease? Never a chance at peace? 

He’s just a casualty of war. Never to fight anymore. Never to pick up his weapon and fire back at the enemy. What is he fighting for? Who needs the soldier with the vacant eyes?  No need for a weapon the hate in his heart will kill anyone who ever mentions his name.

Shrapnel stuck in his soul will never get old. He’s lookin for a reason to kill anything in his path, all the pain he’s held in his heart terrifies him. He makes no friends. Friendly fire is a constant threat.  He fights alone, he won’t go home, he forgot what road.